AO Foundation

Mission Statement: The AO Foundation was established to teach local youth the importance of education, health, and the value they have in their own community. We strive to assist adolescents with developing a disciplined mindset and interpersonal skills that will lead to a promising future. 

Meet the Founder: Arinze Onuaku is a Maryland native with a passion for basketball and giving back to his community. He grew up in Prince George's County and quickly fell in love with the game of basketball. Arinze was fortunate to attend Syracuse University where he played basketball in front of thousands of fans each game and earned a bachelor's degree in Sports Management with a minor in broadcasting. Arinze had many influential adults throughout his childhood that provided a positive impact on his development and life choices. 

The hand that holds hands.

Former Syracuse basketball player Arinze Onuaku donates supplies to Maryland school