Basketball Liability Waiver

Please read the following statement. This explains the risks you are assuming by participating in training with Arinze Onuaku at AO Studio Basketball. If you are under the age of 18, a parent/guardian of the individual participating will be required to accept the terms below prior to training.

"I hereby give permission to Arinze Onuaku/AO Studio Basketball and staff to take whatever action necessary for the health and welfare of my child including consenting on my behalf of any and all medical treatment, procedures, operations and/or hospitalizations and I further agree to hold Arinze Onuaku/AO Studio Basketball harmless and indemnify them for all medical bills incurred for the treatment of my child, and/or injuries to my child. I understand that basketball is considered a physical sport which can result in serious injury. I fully understand the cancellation policy.  As the parent/guardian, I grant permission to allow the use of photos/videos of my child during basketball training for publicity and advertisement purposes. By agreeing to this waiver, I waive any right to bring legal action or assert a claim against Arinze Onuaku/AO Studio Basketball."